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Aegilops is the botanical term for a species of wild grass that is the ancestor of the wheat cultivated today.

The first wild wheat produced by crossing with Aegilops Triticum was cultivated in Mesopotamia around ten thousand years ago by our Neolithic ancestors. The Company chose Aegilops as its name because its first products were created for cereal seeds.


Hubert Sainsard was always been fascinated by seeds, their protection and their sowing. In 2002, he created the Aegilops Applications company, specializing in the design and production of seed coatings. Since its creation, the company has seen constant growth of over 10% per year. Today it has a dozen employees.

Aegilops applications

Our history in a few dates:


Our business





We are thus marketing innovative seed coating products. We also offer efficient technical processes and services to customers, solving technical problems that arise either at the level of seeds, seed treatments, application machinery or planters. We are a technological specialist in these areas.

InVivo Bioline group

In 2018, Aegilops Applications joined InVivo Group, a leading French agricultural company.

InVivo is organized around four key activities: Bioline by InVivo (Farm inputs), InVivo Retail (Garden Centres and Food Retail), InVivo Wine (wine) and InVivo Grains (grain trade) – and a transversal entity dedicated to innovation – InVivo Digital Factory. InVivo employs 5,873 collaborators across 19 countries. Its 2019-2020 revenues amounted to €5.1 billion.

Aegilops Applications can thus accelerate its development of innovative solutions through a new research center, increase its international business and deploy synergies with other companies in the group.

Aegilops applications

InVivo’s international :


Organization chart of Bioline InVivo :


As a result, within the InVivo Bioline group, we have undertaken a new way for agriculture, which consider the place of food, farmers and their environmental impact, better responding to current and future expectations

Our vision

Our vision is to offer innovative seed technologies and services that are economically, socially and environmentally efficient. We are committed to supporting you, advising you and satisfying your needs for seed technologies, not only for today but also for tomorrow.

Aegilops applications

Our values

Our passion for innovation allows us to respond to diverse customer challenges. We are working to build better seed technologies, products and services that contribute to sustainable agriculture. The following values interact synergetically with each other to reach our goal.

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• Synergy and professionalism

• Embrace and drive change

• Make a difference


• Respect and trust

• Quality service delivery

• Be open and flexible


• Enthusiasm

• “Family” team spirit

• Commitment to sustainable development
Aegilops applications

Main crops

Our seed coatings are developed for a large number of major crops including corn, soybeans, cereals, sunflower, oilseed rape and beet, in Europe and other continents.

We are a leader in the European market and is expanding our activities in more than 40 countries including Brazil.

Our production workshop

Our products, liquids and powders are made in France in our production facility located in Normandy.

Seed coating market

At this time, seed treatments are shaping the seed coating market, which has been growing steadily for many years. The withdrawals of active ingredients in certain regions have not affected this market trend.

Global market breakdown seed treatment estimated at $ 3,500 million (2019)

Aegilops applications

Distribution as a % of the world market seed treatment per crop (2019)

Aegilops applications

Challenges and perspectives of the seed coatings market

Distribution in % of the world seed coating market by region (2019)


The market growth factors

Like the seed treatment market, the seed coatings market is also experiencing steady growth. The market outlook suggests a significant acceleration in the coming years due to the following four factors:

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Genetic modification sometimes leads to changes in the physical characteristics of seeds. For example, some recent genetics have smaller seed sizes that need to be adjusted. Also, the development of hybrid cereal seeds will lead to the optimization of planting densities and to enhanced application of seed protection.

Technologies adjacent to seed treatments will be optimized, including:

a) Introduction of new and more effective treatment machines

b) Development of digital technology for planters

c) Improvement of sowing work due to increase of farm size which requires higher yields with no reduction in quality

With the development of so-called “organic” products, the place of biocontrol products, fertilizers or activators on seeds will likely increase, making the use of seed coating necessary.

Environmental and health requirements will change to achieve greater safety for operators on industrial treatment sites, in laboratories and during sowing operations. Seed coatings will help provide safer solutions.

Our team

Retaining our character as a family-owned company, we consist of a dozen people from diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds. Combining their respective talents, this team has a single goal: the success of customer projects, by innovating and responding to their needs.

Aegilops applications