A key resource for the planet

High value

Seeds determine the productivity of crops both in quantity and quality, and they are a key resource of the planet. Humanity needs constant seed improvements and diversification for its food, its clothing, its energy and its bio-products. They are strategic and of increasing value.

The need for permanent adaptation

Seeds are complex because they differ in size and shape, and the related issues change from one species to another and from year to year. This implies the need for:

  • Frequent adjustments to application processes and recipes
  • Regular attention to ensure good plantability of the treated seeds

Complex regulations

Bio-technology is subject to different rules and regulations across countries, complicating the free movement of treated seeds.

The need for protection and bio-stimulation

Although genetically modified seeds are more efficient, they are sensitive to aggressors such as diseases and insects. At the start of the crop, protecting seeds and providing them with a bio-stimulation helps establish the crop, an important step which improves the yield.

Our products are designed to optimize the performance of treated seeds.

We analyze seed characteristics, tests the selectivity of our products, adapts our formulations to the crops, complies with the relevant legislation, offers products resulting in the great appearance of the treated seeds and avoids in-plant interruptions during the application season.