Evolution of sowing machines

Continuous development for greater capacity, accuracy, control and connection

First sowing machine

First sowing machine drawn by horses or oxen. Precision is low, but the work is easier and the yield higher.

Mechanized sowing machine

Mechanized sowing machine drawn by a tractor. The yield is considerably increased, precision of doses sown remains low, but progress in cereals is enormous.

Gravity sowing machine

Sowing machine used on cereal crops; easy to use above all on soil that has already been prepared. They increase the yield of the sowing site.

Direct planting sowing machine

New types of sowing machine are developed. They are more multi-purpose than before, suitable for cereals and precision planting of corn and sunflower. They often have a large central hopper and are designed to work at higher speeds. These sowing machines require power to drive them, and t is recommended to have seeds with excellent fluency.

Precision Planting

This is a revolutionary technology because it enables precision planting at every level: depth, spacing, speed, density, etc. Equipped with the monitor, the farmer immediately has access to real-time data of the sowing. This connected technology is allowing the farmer to associate planting data to other key factors of the field such as soil types, climate, fertilization and the protection program. The quality of the application of the seed coating is the main factor to ensure high-quality planting and a high work speed.