Our new information system

Aegilops applications

Since its integration into the Bioline InVivo group, Aegilops Applications has started restructuring its organization around its production, sales and purchasing departments.  The objective of the company is to grow and compete on an international scale by adopting IT tools to meet customer needs as quickly as possible, and to ensure traceability in line with current and forthcoming regulations. For this reason, in 2020, Aegilops Applications adopted Infor Blending as its ERP; the information system is a product of ALOER, a company specializing in consulting and implementing solutions dedicated to manufacturers.

Implementation of the Infor Blending ERP was completed in 6 months. This rapid deployment schedule is notable given the organizational challenges presented by the lockdown in response to the health crisis in 2020.

ALOER was able to support Aegilops Applications to answer the latter’s questions about the software but also about data configuration, making the ERP efficient and operational in an extremely short time. The information system means Aegilops Applications can now:

  • Harmonize and standardize sale and purchase flows
  • Plan and track sales and purchases
  • Plan and monitor production
  • Have a precise portfolio detailing costs as well as sales terms and conditions

Aegilops Applications team is highly satisfied with the software, but also with the collaborative approach of the ALOER team.